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Stocktaking in any modern premises can be highly demanding, physically and mentally. The bigger organizations run more complex businesses than the smaller businesses but a good stocktaker should be able to turn his or her hand to any size of operation.

Stocktakers usually categorise products into groups, providing statistical analysis of these. Therefore, a sound, wide-ranging product knowledge is a major advantage when entering the world of stocktaking.

For Example, imagine a stocktaker who has no idea of the workings and operations of a pub or restaurant trying to identify the numerous products - if they do not know that rioja is a Spanish wine or that Funky Monkeys are vodka shots, for instance, they'll be in trouble.

Stocktakers also need a good knowledge and understanding of the many and varied EPoS systems in the marketplace.

When hiring a stocktaker, ensure he or she is a fully-fledged trade professional and preferably a member of a reputable trade association.

Stocktakers also need good communication skills. They will deal with all sorts of people from many different areas of the business, from a single business company owner to a head chef or from a director of a company to a hotel general manager.

Stocktakers also have to be diplomats as they can be the bearer of bad news. They have to be careful how situations, that follow the publication of poor results, are dealt with.

By its nature, stocktaking demands you work at a different location every day, so stocktakers must travel to and find the premises where they will be working.

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